Java Bootcamp 2. week
Java Bootcamp 4. week

Java Bootcamp 3. week

11. day

19. Software Project Management

9. knowledge check

Free online sites for simple project management:

Free version control sites:

Review possible topics for projects

If you switch to different workstation, ensure that .gitconfig file in home directory has proper name and e-mail settings in [user] section.

12. day

13. day


14. day

Logging and debugging of Java applications

15. day

Project progress review and prognosis about project completion.

  1. In one minute tell:

    • your name 
    • what have you done so far
    • what you will do today and next week
    • "we" is banned word, you can use only "I"
  2. Together with team write in Notes about activities five promises/commitments, what you will deliver at the end of project:

    • Promises should cover all rated topics of your project,
    • Look at rated topics here

Prepare for security workshop

Java Bootcamp 2. week
Java Bootcamp 4. week
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