XWiki based custom solutions

"Odo SIA" provide implementation and custom web development of XWiki content management system.

As its name shows, XWiki is wiki system, though it is not only wiki system. XWiki is also convenient web development framework where you can develop your own custom web solutions.

XWiki "out of box" provides content management, full text search (including for attachments), user rights and permission control, subscription to site changes and news, and many more features. You can extend your XWiki system with countless plugins and applications.

XWiki provides many features which are important for enterprises. It has proved itself as a powerful tool for different customized and integrated solutions. Popular solutions based on XWiki in the world are:

  1. http://www.curriki.org/ — e-learning portal,
  2. other XWiki projects.

XWiki has built in multilanguage support, and custom solutions can be multilingual also, as XWiki has support for dynamic label resolution in web forms.

"Odo" SIA has developed following XWiki based custom solutions:

  1. On-line eSpeak NG text-to-speech synthesizer development and testing system,
  2. http://odo.lv/Recipes/ open source software usage "how-tos",
  3. E-services site for Carnikava municipality,
  4. Training course information system for Latvia State Employment Agency,
  5. System for tracing keyword appearance in the web,
  6. System for woodwork management.

"Odo" SIA for several years pro bono maintains XWiki site for University of Latvia computer science department teachers and students, where several custom solutions are developed as an academic works:

  1. http://www.ante.lv/TestsJava/BasicJava multiple choice knowledge checks,
  2. http://www.ante.lv/References/ online reference service.

To ask for services, see contacts page.

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