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19. Software Project Management



  1. Review presentation Software Project management

    Practical exercise

  2. Investigate wikipedia entries:
    1. Software project management
    2. Waterfall model
    3. V model
    4. Rapid development

Install necessary tools

  1. Install Planner application:
    1. On Linux execute command:

      sudo apt-get install planner
    2. On Windows:
      a. Download libraries from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtk-win/, check Compatability DLLs and follow setup instructions,
      b. Download installation from http://winplanner.sourceforge.net/ and follow setup instructions

Organize team and prepare plan

  1. Collect your team members and establish means of communication and collaboration
  2. Prepare your project plan for next two weeks:
    1. Tasks of the project according to your software and its functionality
    2. Tasks regarding to development environment (development tools, version control, issue management)
    3. Pay attention to task dependencies
    4. Structure tasks and activities according to project management approaches
    5. Create persons according to your team and assign them tasks with consistent workload
  3. Save project plan in form TeamN_Shortname.planner (where N is number of your team, and Shortname short name of your project)
  4. Upload your project here (with username student and password Student007)

Optional resources

Free communication services:

Free online sites for collaboration and project management:

Free version control sites:


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