Java Bootcamp 3. week

Java Bootcamp 4. week

16. day

Security workshop

17. day

"Intellectual property", Copyright and Software licences, public domain and fair use.
Exclusive and non-exclusive (reciprocitate, e.g. Sun Contributor Agreement) contributor license agreements (CLA).

More info in English:

More info in Latvian:

18. day


19. day

Probably useful tools to prepare project demonstration:

20. day

Don't forget your badge at home!

Fill Project rating form for your own project

Presentation of project deliverables:

  • Provide information about your project on following topics:
    • Business analysis and analysis of given input (actuality of the chosen problem)
    • Project planning (used workload management approach and used tools)
    • System overall design (chosen frameworks, libraries and high level code structure)
    • System data model (persistence in general, particularly, database)
    • Automated unit and/or system and/or GUI tests (Junit, Selenium, etc.)
    • System building and deployment (compiling, testing, and deployment)
    • User, administrator guides and other documentation
    • Do demonstration of the system, describe it's set up and maintenance if necessary
  • Final overview:
    • Add important links (e.g. project URL) of the project into Notes about activities
    • Main features of the project (which is usually written in something like,
    • List of team members and their main contribution to the project
    • Completed project mid-term commitments
    • Biggest challenges in the project and lessons learned
    • Future work
  • Fill Project rating form for each other project
  • Upload project presentation in form TeamN_Codename.odp, where N is team number and Codename is project codename.

Final knowledge check

Final tasks:

  • Fill Bootcamp feedback form using link you received in you mailbox
  • Put your Accenture's cup where you took it
  • Delete private data

Issuing of certificates and final course review

Java Bootcamp 3. week
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