Java Bootcamp 3. week

Java Bootcamp 4. week

16. day

Accenture day

17. day

Security workshop

18. day

"Intellectual property", Copyright and Software licences, public domain and fair use.
Exclusive and non-exclusive (reciprocitate, e.g. Sun Contributor Agreement) contributor license agreements (CLA).

More info in English:

More info in Latvian:

Approximate structure of Riga Delivery Center:


Download Resume template, complete it and submit here till midnight (with standard username and password).

19. day

Probably useful tools to prepare project demonstration:

20. day

Install cloc and check overall statistics about code of your project:

sudo apt install cloc
cloc YourProject

where YourProject is path to your project

Fill Project rating form for your own project

Final knowledge check

Presentation of project deliverables:

Order of presentations:

  1. Team2
  2. Team3
  3. Team1
  4. Team4
  • Provide information about your project on following topics:
    • Business analysis and analysis of given input (actuality of the chosen problem)
    • Project planning (used workload management approach and used tools)
    • System overall design (chosen frameworks, libraries and high level code structure)
    • System data model (persistence in general, particularly, database)
    • Automated unit and/or system and/or GUI tests (Junit, Selenium, etc.)
    • System building and deployment (compiling, testing, and deployment)
    • User, administrator guides and other documentation
    • Do demonstration, of the system, describe set up and maintenance if necessary
  • Final overview:
    • Add important links (e.g. project URL) of the project into Notes about activities
    • Main features of the project (which is usually written in something like readme.txt),
    • List of team members and their main contribution to the project
    • Completed project mid-term commitments
    • Biggest challenges in the project and lessons learned
    • Future work
  • Fill Project rating form for each other project
  • Upload project presentation in form TeamN_Codename.odp, where N is team number and Codename is project codename.

Final tasks:

Issuing of certificates and final course review

Java Bootcamp 3. week
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