Remote work

Due to state of emergency in Latvia because of COVID-19 pandemic it is required to work from home (work at class is discontinued). Otherwise class organization — activities, knowledge checks and deadlines — is still the same.

Where general course plan is not fully set, look at updates of actual plan in relevant course diary pages for 1. week, 2. week, 3. week and 4. week.

Below are main tasks you should do to work from home productively:

Set up development environment

Preparation, configuration and maintenance of development environment is your responsibility. In general, you can develop code in any environment — Windows, MacOS or Linux. You just need JDK, Maven, Git, MySQL server and Java/Android IDE.

On Windows you may use Cygwin or Windows Subsystem for Linux. On MacOS and Windows some of automated tests may fail, because they use GNU command line tools. In such case do manual testing and hope, that tests will pass on test environment.

If you use Debian or Ubuntu based system, there may be only minor changes from activity documentation, but it still may cost you hours of troubleshooting if something doesn't work as expected.

Therefore, to perform tasks in the most efficient way, it is recommended to install Lubuntu 16.04 on your computer, or, install VirtualBox on Linux or Windows and install Lubuntu 16.04 in new virtual machine.

Implement required activities

If necessary, review recorded lectures for activities. Note, that course materials are gradually changed (hopefully, improved) and recorded lectures may not fully (or precisely) give you all information to perform practical activity. If so, search additional information yourself.

Implement activities to pass automated tests.

Complete knowledge checks

Knowledge checks are performed in planned time (12:30) ± some minutes.
To complete knowledge check remotely, open Knowledge check link.

  • If link fails with timeout, then application is not running.
  • If you cannot download document for questions, then test is not started.
  • Refresh page in browser until page and questions are ready for download.
    You have up to 20 minutes to submit your answer after that.

Clone or update source code

To connect to your project on server, use this URL: ssh://, where Aaaa is code of your project.

Depending on your needs you can use this URL in following ways:

  • To clone project, execute this command in project workspace:

    git clone ssh://

    information In this case entry to remote repository will be named origin

  • To add new entry for your existing project, execute this command in your project:

    git remote add odo ssh://

    information In this case odo is name of new entry to the repository.

  • To change existing entry in your project, executed command in your project:

    git remote set-url origin ssh://

    information In this case origin is name of existing entry to the repository.

Update local repository and push changes to remote repository

  1. Use git status to see, what is changed comparing to last commit
  2. Add all changes to your local repository and push them to remote repository:

    cd ~/workspace/Aaaa
    git pull
    git add -A
    git commit -m "Your message here"
    git push

information Shorthand commands like git push will work only if default remote repository and branch is set. If you get error like

fatal: No configured push destination.

push with parameters for repo and branch (and set it default) with command:

git push -u origin master

where origin is repo name, and master is master branch.

Share information

  • Use Notes about activities chat page to check for updates, ask or answer questions to the teacher and/or your classmates.
    • Use its wiki page to share information about activities and other related things.
  • Download client and set it up.
  • Look at teacher contacts, if there is need for other information channels.

Additional information (in Latvian)

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