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Extra 11: Java 8

  1. Ensure you are using Eclipse 4.x.
  2. Review package jtm.extra11 and class RandomPerson in package jtm.activity03.
  3. Add new methods into PersonMatcher interface:
    1. method Stream<RandomPerson> getPersonStream()
    2. default method Stream<RandomPerson> getMatchedPersonStream() with parameters:

      • Stream<RandomPerson> persons,
      • boolean isFemale,
      • int ageFrom,
      • int ageTo,
      • float weightFrom,
      • float weightTo

      This method should return Stream of passed persons filtered out according to passed gender, range of age and range of weight (including).

    3. static method List<RandomPerson> getPersonList(Stream<RandomPerson> persons)
    4. static method PersonMatcher getPersonManager()
    5. Implement default and static methods in PersonMatcher interface.
  4. Create class PersonMatcherImpl which implements PersonMatcher interface and implement unimplemented methods for it:
    1. public constructor PersonMatcherImpl()
    2. public void addPerson(RandomPerson person)
    3. public List<RandomPerson> getPersonList()
    4. public Stream<RandomPerson> getPersonStream()
  5. Check that unit test is passing for jtm.extra11 package.
  6. Check that unit tests are not failing for other packages (can fail if deprecated API of Java 7 was used in some implementation).

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