14. Unit testing
16. Android Application

15. exercise: GUI Application

  1. Review presentation Java Graphical Frameworks


  2. Install WindowBuilder plugin for eclipse.
  3. Investigate jtm.activity15 package
  4. Implement class ColorSlider to make color sliders changing test area background color
  5. Export ColorSlider class as executable jar file. In Eclipse, do following:
    1. Select File — Export... menu,
    2. Select Java — Runnable JAR file, and press Next,
    3. In Launch configuration select ColorSlider - Aaaa (where Aaaa is your project),
    4. In Export destination enter Aaaa/src/main/java/jtm/activity15/color-slider.jar (where Aaaa is your project)
    5. In Library handling select Package required libraries into generated JAR
    6. Press Finish,
    7. If errors/warnings are reported, press OK (you may ignore warnings. but have to fix errors).
  6. Open terminal and check, execution of jar file from command line:

    cd ~/Aaaa/src/main/java/jtm/activity15/
    java -jar color-slider.jar 
  7. Check that tests in ColorSliderTestSuite test suite are passing.
You can use design of class as a template for GUI test for your teamwork project.

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14. Unit testing
16. Android Application
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