If it is not explicitly told in following recipe, setting up services are described for Ubuntu 16.04 server, but applications are described for Ubuntu 16.04 and/or Lubuntu 16.04 workstation. If you use different Ubuntu version or Linux distribution, settings as well as content, names and places of configuration files may be different!
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11. Threads

  1. Review presentation Threads


  2. Investigate jtm.activity11 package
  3. Look at Activity11.png to understand design and 3 different approaches of array filling
  4. Implement classes ArrayFiller, and ArrayFillerManager to pass unit tests

lightbulb To check load on processor, run top command or System monitor.
Additionally you can install Multiload monitor with command:

sudo apt-get install indicator-multiload gnome-system-monitor

lightbulb To kill non-responding threads together with Eclipse, enter command:

killall -9 java


You implement latency with Thread.sleep(latency); method

Optional task

  1. Try to analyse execution of fillParalelly() method step-by-step in Eclipse Debugger.
  2. Compare it with debugging experience by writing informative messages into standard output by System.out.println() and step-by-step analysis of produced output after execution of your program.

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