If it is not explicitly told in following recipe, setting up services are described for Ubuntu 20.04 server, but applications are described for Xubuntu 20.04 workstation. If you use different Ubuntu version or Linux distribution, settings as well as content, names and places of configuration files may be different!
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Subversion with LDAP

  1. Install SVN and activate authentication modules:

    apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn
    a2enmod ldap
  2. Add a virtual directory to Apache with LDAP configuration in /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav_svn.conf:

    <Location "/svn">
        DAV svn
        SVNParentPath /home/svn
        AuthType Basic
        AuthBasicProvider ldap
        AuthName "Subversion repository"
        AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off
        AuthLDAPURL "ldap://RIGDC1001.GDNEurope.com:389/dc=GDNEurope,dc=com?sAMAccountName?sub?(objectClass=*)
        AuthLDAPBindDN  "Name Surname"
        #AuthUserFile /etc/svn-passwd
        AuthLDAPBindPassword user-password
    # uncomment this to allow anonymous "checkout".
        Require valid-user
        AuthzSVNAccessFile /etc/svn-acl

    AuthLDAPBindDN, AuthLDAPBindPassword - used to connect to AD

  3. restart Apache:

    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  4. Create a subversion repository, if you haven't done it previously;
  5. Now you can access SVN using your domain login (name.surname, password).

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