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Here are some files which could be useful in any WinRunner project:
is simple data-driven testing framework, see more in winrunner_testing_framework_en.

is GUI file for Windows applications which is used by test management functions.

Excel template file contains fill_colors() and fill_colors_crosstable() functions which color *.log file (opened in Excel). Call functions with Tools-Macro-Macros...-Macro name-fill_colors-Run (or prepare custom button with reference to function. File should be stored in 'C:/Documents and Settings/user_name/Application Data/Microsoft/Excel/XLSTART' folder, to start it always with Excel. See Module1.xba for OpenOffice Calc.

is port for the same coloring functions to the OpenOffice VB script. This file should be stored in 'C:/Documents and Settings/user_name/Application Data/O*/user/basic/Standard' folder (* exact folder name depends on OpenOffice version e.g. 2.0.1 or 2.x.x). With GUI code is accessible via Tools- Macros- Organize Macros- OOo Basic...- My Macros- Standard- Module1. Functions can be invocated via Tools- Macros- Run macro...- My Macros- Standard- Module1 — fill_colors/fill_colors_crosstable

is batch file for automatic WR invocation. This file can be scheduled in Windows Scheduler (Start-Settings-Control Panel-Scheduled Tasks- Add Scheduled Task).

file is actual file of ABC_Functions shown in WinRunner Custom Functions.

does intellectual replacement of word in all files in directory — if source string is already part of destination string, replacement isn't performed. Standard usage is changing built-in function name to custom function name e.g. set_window to my_set_window.

script removes all *.bak, *.sav, *.log,.#* _t_rep.* files,..debug directories, *.htm, *.bmp, *.jpg files in..Results folder for project cleanup before committing files in CVS system.

script reads all header files in passed directory and generates list of WinRunner scripts and their parameters.

generates list of functions from WinRunner script file. Script assumes that each of function has explanation before and takes line that begins with "# PURPOSE:", and function definition starting with "public function".

generates necessary WR commands to customize WR Function generator through analysis of ABC_Functions script.
is simple example with compiled module for common functions and simple script invocation schema.
Example of function invocation in external DLL.
script shows simple example, how application can be nicely killed (including WR itself, if necessary ;-)) using Taskmanager.
script allows to read long strings from file with variable overflow notification.

invokes system command, and store this info in file to get various system settings.

shows context sensitive and OCR approaches to get text from application.

script reads a particular line from the Excel file.

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