Here you can download simple data-driven WinRunner testing framework.

Simple Data-driven WinRunner Framework

This framework follows two general paradigms:

  • KISS (keep it simple, stupid – popular design principle), and
  • "nothing is faster than command line" (saying of some Unix freaks).

It supports simple test management including:

  • preparation of testing application (environment)
  • simple management of global (design time) testing parameters as public constants/variables
  • simple management of test (runtime) data using Excel file

Test management and invocation order is specified by command lines in main (batch) script, which can be (un)commented where necessary (similarly to Unix batch script).

Generic data which doesn't change from run to run are stored as global constants or variables (variables can be changed in scripts dynamically). Runtime data which change from run to run are stored in Excel file. Scripts, which create data have standardized approach at the end to store data in named Excel cells. Scripts, which use data are invoked using advanced invocation function which pass data by either exact value, or by reference to named cell in Excel file.

Other frameworks

There are other publicly available testing frameworks for WinRunner:
  • EMOS framework is more complicated with advanced test data management. Try it if proposed here seems too weak.
  • SAFS (Software Automation Framework Support) framework is much more complicated, try it if ones above don't seem suitable.
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