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Fully Programmable Framework Using Excel Sheet

In large enterprises automation of functional testing is complex and difficult because it requires good knowledge of two kinds — programming and testing tool skills, and business domain knowledge. But usually programmers don't have enough business domain knowledge (especially for complex enterprise systems), but business analysts lack experience of programming and automated testing. Therefore framework, which could allow technicians work only with technical testing problems, but business mans only deal with business cases, has a high value.

The proposed framework allows to separate testing automation in two parts, in which one part is purely technically related, but another part is purely related to business. An interface between business expert and technician is an Excel worksheet, which is quite convenient for both parties.

It is proposed that in this framework test automation team consists of complementary people, which consists of:

  • business expert(s), who write test scenarios into Excel worksheet and deal with test data management;
  • QTP expert(s), who implements Excel sheet instructions into VBS code, debug implemented functions and maintain framework environment.

The main requirements which determined design were:

  • Ability to use data driven testing.
  • Ability to manage test execution flow out of QTP using Excel worksheet.
  • Test environments should be as much portable as possible.
  • Environment should be kept simple through utilizing testing tool possibilities.

This framework, in difference with other data-driven frameworks, actually provides programming environment in Excel worksheet, as it supports all mandatory programming constructs, which are necessary to implement any logical constructs.

Download QTP_Tests.zip, unzip it and see Readme.doc in Doc folder.

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