Weekly meetings



DateTime, Stream
2022-09-0518:00 Theory
2022-09-1218:00 Theory19:30 Practice
2022-09-1918:00 Theory
2022-09-2618:00 Theory19:30 Practice, 1st progress report
2022-10-0318:00 Theory
2022-10-1018:00 Theory19:30 Practice
2022-10-1718:00 Theory
2022-10-2418:00 Theory19:30 Practice, 2nd progress report
2022-10-3118:00 Theory19:30 1st knowledge check
2022-11-0718:00 Theory19:30 Practice
2022-11-1418:00 Theory20:30 1st knowledge check (for interested students)
2022-11-2118:00 Theory19:30 Practice, 3rd progress report
2022-11-2818:00 Theory
2022-12-0518:00 Theory19:30 Practice
2022-12-1218:00 Theory19:30 2nd knowledge check, Practice: Download delivery last page template, fill it and add it to your delivery 
2022-12-1918:00 Theory19:30 Practice, final delivery presentation. Upload your delivery file as PDF file in form: YourCodename.pdf
2022-12-2024:00 PracticeDownload their delivery file and download review template file and delivery of assigned team
2022-12-2724:00 PracticeUpload your review file as PDF file in form: TheirCodename-YourCodename.pdf
2023-01-0218:00 Theory18:10 2nd knowledge check
2023-01-09Theory, PracticeFinal results

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