Aftermath of Accenture Java Bootcamp '2014

In august I again performed Java Bootcamp courses, where IT students extend their knowledge in Java environment. 

In practical exercises students choose to develop only web applications, either due to they personal preference, or because development of mobile apps is saturated. Two of the teams choose to improve existing open source solutions.

Because of two-week time limit, and because of time spent to understand how existing systems work, student's deliverables tends to be quite chaotic. Therefore I had to spend quite a lot time to clean their work and. With our joint effort whe achieved following:

XWiki blog application with multilingual support

This is improvement of XWiki Enterprise standard Blog application, which could be installed as XWiki application.

Main improvements:

  1. Blog support multiple languages using XWiki standard multilanguage features.
  2. Improved data model by reusing title and content fields of the XWiki document.
  3. Entries can be edited either in WYSIWYG or plaintext/code editor.
  4. Migration script is developed to migrate old blog entries to the new data model.
  5. Improved documentation for systems administrator and user.

This application is deployed on site and hopefully it will be used as a new standard Blog Application for XWiki Enterprise system.

Training course information system for Latvia State Employment Agency

This application is made as an improvement of existing application, system files and documentation is available at

Main improvements:

  1. Dynamic view of system windows regarding to user type and screen size.
  2. Addresses points to the place in Google Maps.
  3. Improved search capabilities wit date range and easier return to previous search criteria.
  4. Improved editing possibilities for groups and other data, and system maintenance.

System is not deployed on production yet, but hopefully will be.

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