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This site is is maintained by "Odo" SIA and is used as knowledge base with open content materials about IT related topics. The most topics are related to the usage of open source software and tools.

Why Odo?

I like short names. Odo is one of rare three character words, which in Latvian can be used as man’s name and which is palindrome. For the first the time I discovered name Odo in book of Alexander Poleschuk "Big work, or wonderful story about Dr. Mechanicus and his dog Alma" ("Великое делание , или Удивительная история доктора Меканикуса и Альмы, которая была собакой"). The protagonist there was chemist Odo Mechanicus.

Odo in our proposed positional hexadecimal numeral system means 000, written in different possible shapes of zero.

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