Java Bootcamp
Java Bootcamp 2. week

Java Bootcamp 1. week

1. day

1. Preparation of workstation
2. Preparation of Java project
2.1 Git version control

2. day

3. Java language syntax

1. knowledge check

4. Object-Oriented Design and Principles

3. day

5. Inheritance and Encapsulation

2. knowledge check

6. Abstract classes and Interfaces

4. day

7. UML
3. knowledge check
8. Exceptions and Assertions
De Morgan's laws

5. day

9. Collections
4. knowledge check
10. Input and Output

Project cleanup

  1. Check that:
    1. there are no compilation errors,
    2. implemented TODO and fixed FIXME keywords are deleted (no need to delete whole comment),
    3. commented (dead) code is deleted,
    4. code is well formatted.
  2. Check, that tests are passing, when called in group:
    1. open file and comment out unnecessary calls to tests
    2. run as unit test and check results,
    3. if some tests called from fail, check that your programs exit gracefully. I.e. red square (Terminate) button should be disabled (also after Remove Launch button is pressed).
  3. Make sure you add, commit and push changes to the server.

Java Bootcamp
Java Bootcamp 2. week
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