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Java Specialties

Approximate structure of Accenture Latvia:


List of specialities

Java ATA

Advanced Technologies and Architecture
One of biggest structures in Accenture Latvia

- Efficient programming
- Enterprise Frameworks (Full stack)
- Microservices
- Scala
- Artificial Intelligence


Siebel & SalesForce (we are not selling, we are developing)
Historically used Oracle/Siebel CRM, now also use SalesForce

Configuration, customization and development of CRM systems using Java like language (Apex).
Also involve some DevOps procedures for deployment and testing.
Eclipse, VisualStudio, Sublime Text 3


(Business Intelligence using Big Data & Analytics)
Hadoop, Spark, Hive
"Artificial intelligence" and "Big Data" analytics bootcamps
Qlik visual analytics tool

SAP Hybris eCommerce

Customer engagement and eCommerce projects, customization and development of ERP systems using SAP Hybris as a base.
SAP Hybris is huge Java based web shop
Intershop as a smaller solution


Google, what is middleware
"Composite application" — when you need something from people,
e.g. delivered good is packaged differently than it was requested in the order.
Dell Boomi — currently most popular tool for integration

Main approaches in systems integration:
- Real time transactions,
- Extract, load transform
- Composite applications
ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
Analytical vs technical mindset
Workflow diagram tool together with "pure" Java with Spring, or Spring Boot framework (for microservices).

BlockChain technology

CORDA — blockchain technology written in Kotlin
A distributed ledger technology
Hyperledger Fabric
Node JS, Kotlin or Corda, Solidity as a programming language


"DevOps is the reason projects don't suck!"
Heavy automation of building, testing and deployment of projects
Mostly use different scripting languages but Java knowledge is necessary
because used tools are commonly written in Java and for e.g. projects developed in Java.


Android (legacy is Java), but new projects are in Kotlin
(iOS is almost purely Swift)
Example project:
 — App for big beer company in Europe (React native app)
 — App for big fashion company in Europe (Riga, Italy, Sweden)
 — Augmented reality projects (Unity engine)
30% of Android apps are Kotlin


RPA & IA (Intelligent automation)
Broad view of "AI" Rule based (fixed automation) > Judgment based (evolutionary process)
Rule based, business process automation, chat bots, BluePrism
Cognitive robotics: IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Amelia
Automate Cytrix, Web apps, etc.
Good oportunity if you like to travel
"We learn Python" for artificial intelligence
BluePrism, WorkFusion (Java based)
Accenture Robotics Platform


Related to cloud like AWS, GCP, Azure
Software definded everything
"We expect you to have Linux skills."
Openstack, Kubernetes, Linux, Python, Public cloud, plus several other
"If you want to learn Python, learn OpenStack, because it is the most complicated Python project"
Main clients are telecomunications, e.g. Telecom Italia


      mobile, web
    test analyst
      specific domains
    managerial, technical

Java Bootcamp
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