If it is not explicitly told in following recipe, setting up services are described for Ubuntu 16.04 server, but applications are described for Ubuntu 16.04 and/or Lubuntu 16.04 workstation. If you use different Ubuntu version or Linux distribution, settings as well as content, names and places of configuration files may be different!
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Eclipse GreenUML plugin


  1. Use Eclipse Neon/4.6 for Java or Java EE
  2. Open Eclipse, and navigate to Help > Install New Software..., click on Add...
  3. Fill fields as following:
        Name: GreenUML
        Location: http://odo.lv/ftp/tools/GreenUpdateSite

  4. Click OK
  5. Choose what features to install and follow further instructions


  1. Select  like File > New > GreenUML diagram
  2. For help click Help > Help Contents > Green Users Guide


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