Challenges for Java Bootcamp

You need one or more of the following skills to participate:

Duke.png Automated fixing of broken links for XWiki CMS

By checking sites content with linkchecker it was found around 500 broken hyperlinks in some 300 documents. You can download example of list of broken links and documents here.

The job is to create a Java application that calls linkcheker (if necessary), analyze its journal and repairs content of the XWiki content management system of the site by opening, fixing content and storing the necessary site documents. You should be familiar with text processing and regular expressions, as well as knowledge in the development of a simple HTML client.

Other information:

Duke.png Develop talking Android map

The job is to develop an Android app that, depending on location and direction, talks out nearby geographies: street names and crossings, house numbers, authorities, stores, etc. The app is designed primarily for visually impaired users, but it can also be used by couriers, tourists, etc., who are interested in spoken more detailed location information than usual navigation systems.

Work may be divided into following parts:

  1. Compilation and packaging of espeak NG text-to-speech synthesiser for modern versions of Android. For general information see eSpeak NG GitHub.
  2. Collect map data from Google Maps (GMP) or Open Street Map (OSM). For solution techniques, see OSM API and OSM XAPI, or GMP API and [GMP Location Data. IT is desirable to use OSM because it contains more user-defined additional data.
  3. Transfer the map data to an eSpeak NG text-to-speech synthesiser with a simple command-line interface or API.

Duke.png Continue to develop eSpeakNG Jeditor

espeakedit is the editor of the phonemas (spoken sounds) used by eSpeak text-to-speech synthesiser. Currently, eSpeakEdit is not being maintained, so it needs to be developed in more easier and modern technologies. In Github is the latest version of eSpeakEdit development available, which can be compiled and built but works with errors.

The job job is to reimplement the editor's graphic environment to the Java Swing frame by fully implementing functions of original eSpeakEdit written in C++. An incomplete version of the tool in Java is available at Look for TODO's for some of the known tasks.


Duke.png Update and fix GreenUML for the latest version of Eclipse

GreenUML is the Eclipse forward and reverse engineering plug-in from UML class diagram to Java code and back. This plug-in does not work in the latest version of Eclipse Oxygen. Job is to resolve the package dependencies and ensure that the plug-in is running on the Eclipse Oxygen version resolving all possible errors due to API changes. After that you can also improve the operation of the plug-in and correct other errors you have noticed.

Look for more information here:


Duke.png Customize FreeTTS text-speech synthesiser for Latvian

freetts (also its branch MaryTTS is a text-to-speech synthesiser developed in Java. This is potentially stronger in text analysis (and corresponding pronunciation laws) than C programmed eSpeak NG. Job is to adapt FreeTTS/MaryTTS to the text analysis in Latvian, possibly by creating a phonetic form eSpeak NG in a comprehensible way where the current sound synthesis is performed by eSpeak NG.

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