Extra exercise 13: Git branches and merging tools

  1. Review presentation
  2. Add new remote repository http://odo.lv/git/JTM/ to your project:

    git remote add upstream http://odo.lv/git/JTM/
  3. Pull branches branch1 and branch2 from upstream repository to branches into your repository:

    git fetch upstream branch1:branch1
    git fetch upstream branch2:branch2
  4. Investigate content of jtm.extra13 package for master branch and branches.
  5. Use diff/merge tools to add content of all catbN.txt files and branches into single catb.txt file. For example:

    git diftool -d master..branch1
  6. If necessary, create copies (clone) your project and checkout different branches in them. Then compare projects in e.g. meld:

    meld Aaaa Aaaab1

    where Aaaa is your project in master branch, but Aaaab1 is cloned project with checked out e.g. branch1 branch.

  7. Check that catb.txt file has proper content by running GitMergeTest1.java unit test.

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