Java Bootcamp 1. week
Java Bootcamp 3. week

Java Bootcamp 2. week

6. day

9. Collections
4. knowledge check
10. Input and Output

7. day

11. Threads
5. knowledge check
12. Networking

8. day

13. JDBC
6. knowledge check
14. Unit testing

9. day

15. GUI Application
7. knowledge check
16. Web Application

10. day

Extra 9. Software design patterns
Extra 13. Git branches and merging tools

Project cleanup

  1. Look at Git exercise: Update local repository and push changes to remote repository
  2. Get (i.e. clone) project of your colleague next to you and check that:
    1. there are no compilation errors,
    2. implemented TODO and fixed FIXME keywords are deleted (no need to delete whole comment),
    3. commented (dead) code is deleted,
    4. code is well formatted.
  3. Inform your colleague about check results and ensure she/he does necessary fixes:
    1. compare your original project with project checked out (cloned) from the version control system.

Java Bootcamp 1. week
Java Bootcamp 3. week
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